Humans enjoy a unique ritual that other living organism don’t.  We name things and people.  Humans give names to everything in our existence.  We name our food, furniture, cars, pets, and our children.  In fact we don’t settle for just one name but most of have at least two names plus a last name.  Our names require numbers to help identify us to our government, our banks, our cars and our computer accounts. Beyond that we even give people nicknames and sweethearts have special names for one another.

Names might describe the personality of an individual, his or her occupation or perhaps what they look like.  Without names we would not easily identify others and it would make communicating with them almost impossible.

The names of Jesus are important because they reveal His character as well as His mission.  Savior, Christ, Son of Man, King of Kings are examples of the great names of our Lord that speak of His nature, power and work on our behalf.  No list of names in scripture brings more meaning to us that those in Isaiah 9:6.  The prophet makes it clear that this child who is to be born is a son given to us.  He is the Father’s gift to each of us and His names bring assurance and hope.  Jesus, the baby born in Bethlehem seemed so unnoticed, helpless, and perhaps to the world insignificant, was in fact an infant with names picked out for Him centuries before His birth.

Isaiah says that He is to us:

Wonderful-which means that He is full of wonder or that we consider Him wonderful in His person and work.

Counselor-the one filled with wisdom and truth to reveal to us what our hearts desire and our lives need.

Mighty God-not just an ordinary person but God in the flesh filled with power, authority and might to accomplish His mission.

Eternal Father-the one who provides, protects and loves us eternally.

Prince of Peace-the only one capable of bringing peace to individuals and the world.

Handel wrote the Messiah and we enjoy His music, especially the Hallelujah chorus which incorporates these names in that wonderful piece of music.

As we light the candle of Hope tonight take a few moments to think about what each of the names of Christ in Isaiah 9:6 mean to you.  Confess Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords and pray with thanksgiving for His love for you.