Dr. Gene Mims

Dr. Gene Mims serves as Senior Pastor of Judson Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Gene leads conferences for pastors and deacons, speaks at conferences and coaches pastors and church on church leadership, health and growth.

Gene has served as a pastor for over thirty-five years and has served as Interim Pastor in seven churches. He has authored seven books including The Seven Churches Not In The Book of Revelation, Kingdom Principles of Church Growth, The Kingdom Focused Church, and most recently, Moses On Leadership. He serves as a popular speaker in conferences and churches in the U.S. and around the world.

Dr. Mims is a native of Virginia, a graduate of Virginia Tech, and received two degrees from Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.

He and Ann have been married since 1973 and they have two children, Jeff and Marianne and three grandchildren Sara Kate, Hampton and Margie.  He enjoys reading, golf, music, model trains and playing his guitars.

Boards and Agencies

Gene currently serves on the Boards of Liberty University, The Kingstone Media Group, The Timothy Initiative, and serves as a trustee of an investment trust.

He has served churches in Texas, Alabama, Virginia and Tennessee.  Gene previously served thirteen years as Vice-President of Lifeway Christian Resources in Nashville, Tennessee and as President of International Baptist Network for two years.


Gene Mims Ministries

Gene Mims Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) organizations funded by the generosity of donors who believe in Gene and his kingdom work.

Why Gene Mims Ministries?

We founded Gene Mims Ministries in 2005 following my retirement from LifeWay Christian Resources and my return to the pastorate at Judson Baptist Church.

My life vision as a pastor has brought me into a sharp focus on the following:

  1. My calling.  I am a pastor and whatever dimensions my life may have taken or currently endures, my calling as a pastor is the main expression of my personal relationship with Christ.
  2. My understanding of the responsibilities of a pastor, namely, to preach the word of God (especially the Gospel), to train believers to minister, to build up the body of Christ (in my church and globally), and to encourage and equip fellow pastors in doing the same.
  3. I have been fortunate to know, influence, and be influenced by many persons for my forty-two years of ministry.  Because of this I feel an intense responsibility to encourage and equip as many people for ministry as possible.  The best way as I see it is to train leaders who will multiply our efforts as they train and equip others for ministry.
  4. I see that churches and believers are in crisis today over a number of important issues.  Leadership ineffectiveness is a problem in churches today when leaders do not know God’s vision for their churches, how to state visions realistically, and how to engage them effectively.  In addition, we are increasingly living in a post-Christian culture, and many efforts at evangelism, discipleship and ministry are ineffective as a result of not understanding the cultural nuances churches face.
  5. I also see that the equipping and encouraging of lay leaders is crucial at this time.  Many laymen need the advice, training, and encouragement of fellow laymen in how to live as a Christian, how to serve the Lord in the Great Commission, and how to serve and support pastors who lead them.


In light of these considerations Gene Mims Ministries is committed to the following:

  1.  Identifying potential and current leaders who are willing to be encouraged and equipped for effective ministry and leadership. This also includes equipping lay leaders.
  2. Spending time with as many leaders globally as possible to engage them in effective equipping and encouraging events.  I  have received invitations for such events in Montana, North Dakota, and New York City.  In addition I have been asked to meet leaders in Romania, Chile, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan and India.
  3. Preaching the Gospel locally, regionally, nationally, and globally through every media means possible.  We currently have a radio program in the greater Nashville area and are looking to expand this ministry via Internet broadcasting worldwide.  We have offers for programs in English for Europe (broadcast from Romania) and Asia (broadcast by the Far East Asian Broadcasting Company).  I have also received an offer from Rich Bott, President of the Bott Radio Network, to broadcast our services nationally on his network.  This expense alone would be nearly $80k annually.
  4. Writing the resources that can be used in English and translated into every language.  We write the current resources and give away as many as possible.  Each publication pays for itself through the sales we do receive, but most are given away.  Each resource costs between $5,000 and $6,000 to write, edit, and publish.  The books are used in the events we conduct for pastors and lay leaders.
  5. Accepting invitations to speak at churches, conferences, seminaries and other Christian gatherings.  Travel costs to other nations are not normally covered by the hosts who invite us to come.  These costs normally run about $3,000 per trip which includes airfare, lodging and some meals.

What can you do to help?

  1. Pray.  This may be assumed but in reality it is the power for what we do.  We need to pray for the wisdom to go to the places God sends us, to have the resources to go there, and to have the right messages for the people we seek to encourage and equip.
  2. Support us.  Monthly support is the most helpful as we plan our work, but one time gifts enable us to expand our media ministry, plan our travel, and to publish our resources.
  3. Provide scholarships to allow pastors to attend our conferences. Travel and lodging are expenses that most men cannot afford.  We can bring them to Nashville and we can conduct conferences near them but it takes funding.

We live in a desperate time when the effectiveness of Christian ministry needs to be at its best.  We need to know the times and be excellent and courageous in meeting the challenges as we serve the Lord’s great purposes.  I believe that our time is short and our window of opportunity, although great, may be closing.  I am going to do what I can to strengthen the church, encourage its leadership, spread the Gospel, and make a difference.  Would you join me and help me?