The campaign cycle is in full force this year as Americans get set to choose the next President of the United States.  The types of campaigning we are subjected to these days gives one pause to think about what is and what is not being said, discussed and/or revealed.  The type of rhetoric voters are bombarded with rarely has anything to do with issues that are relevant to us.  This election is more about what people have done poorly, wrong, immoral or illegal than it is about what candidates will do with crucial issues of the day.

In conversations with friends and family there seems to be a resignation that we will be forced to vote against someone rather than for someone.  If you hear enough criticism of others by candidates, eventually your mind is filled with nothing but distrust for everyone speaking.  Personally, I would like to hear some civil debate laced with logical views rather than the rude, critical, and useless discussions that seem to be the stuff of reality TV.  I’m no longer interested in listening to several people talk at the same time shouting over one another to get some point across.  It’s not funny, interesting or helpful in trying to decide how to cast my vote.

As the process moves along I am resolved to:

  1. Pray as never before for our nation and our world for God to raise up leaders who can fulfill His will.
  2. Filter through the negative messages and try to determine who is likely to best serve as President.
  3. Encourage others not to be alarmed but engaged in the process and vote.
  4. Endure this season and pray that November comes quickly !