My family and I have lived in Nashville for nearly twenty years and the events of the last week have once again convinced me that we are fortunate to live in this city and metropolitan area.  The devastating flooding that ruined the homes and threatened the lives of so many people in our area and state have in fact shown the character and spirit of our citizens.

In any crisis the character of individuals is displayed and developed and our crisis is no different.  The acts of kindness and heroism displayed to and among the people of this area have been nothing short of astounding. We have had the best of leadership from our Governor, Mayor, Senators, Representatives and the people who work for them.  At no time did our leaders show fear or place blame as they went about their work to rescue and restore the people they serve.  We may have been ignored by national media and the President but the leaders who live here have led us in remarkable ways.

Each day I find more and more reasons for optimism knowing that all that can be done is being done from government, businesses, corporations, churches, synagogues and temples.  Most of all, however, I find strength from the selfless people who walk up and down destroyed areas offering helping hands, money, comfort, food and water.

I am pleased to be a resident in this city and pleased to live in a place where differences of opinion, faiths, philosophies and backgrounds have been easily set aside to help suffering people recover from their losses.

Gene Mims