“And when they saw the star, the rejoiced with great joy.”

In the entire Christmas story there are no characters or events except the incarnation stranger that the coming of the Maji (Wise Men) to Bethlehem.  Their presence in the Christmas story is indeed strange but important.   Their journey took them from somewhere near modern day Iran or Iraq to the narrow streets of Jerusalem.  Led by a star that arose to guide them, they made their slowly until the discovered that it led them to the child they sought.

We are not told exactly where they are from, what they did, or why they came except for the star they followed.  We do not know how they concluded that the Child they looked for was born “King of the Jews.” (2:2)  Mystery surrounds them and their mission is sketchy until they come into the house in Bethlehem, see the mother and Child, rejoice at their discovery and begin to worship Him. (v.10-11)  They offer their gifts and abruptly leave never to be heard from again.  The Maji are truly men on the move.

The Christmas story is filled with people on the move.  Mary and Joseph travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem, the angels appear in heaven, Jesus comes from heaven, and the wise men come from the far east to find Him.  Finding Christ always involves a journey.  Serving Christ is a journey of faith that really never ends.  We, like the Maji, must make our way to Him even though Immanuel has come to us.  We have to come away from our sins, our spiritual poverty, our selfish agendas and our misguided lifestyles to find Him.  But when we do joy erupts.  For some it is the joy of forgiveness, for others the joy of being clean, and for many it is the joy of knowing God through Christ.

The journey doesn’t end, thankfully, when we first find Him; it is just the beginning.  We find Christ then we join Him a journey as He leads, guides, protects and comforts us.  We grow in His grace, we move in His will and we work to build His kingdom until our time on earth ends.  Then we journey to our home in heaven to be with Him for ever.  What a life!  We live in full confidence that life is a journey filled with meaning and excitement.  And it all started with the birth of a Child in Bethlehem.

Rejoice tonight in your journey with Christ.  Find Him is you haven’t already.  Join Him, follow Him and rejoice with Him.  If you have lost your way seek Him and you will find the Father will once again lead you to where He is.