We just finished Vacation Bible School this week at my church with a record number of children and workers.  I am always amazed at the power of commitments that turn out the most interesting responses.  On any give day last week there were parents who committed to get their children to VBS on time and ready for whatever awaited them.  There were workers who came ready to teach, lead, help, nurture, and do anything that they were asked to do for the children.  There were the children who nearly always “get it” on the first day who committed to learn songs, bible verses, stay in line, and move when told.

The power of these commitments go beyond the ordinary however.  Some parents bring their children with the hope that they might have a good day, or that they might forget the pressures they face daily at home.  Some of the children are at risk of not having enough to eat or ever having much hope that their lives may improve.  But a Mom or Dad gets up and commits to bring a son or daughter with the hope that something will bring a change in fortune or future.

Some workers come each day with commitments that overcome their battles against cancer, old age, job loss, and many other private struggles and disappointments.  Most come, however, with a commitment to something beyond themselves as they give their time and energies to work with the children.

The children come with commitments to experience and learn despite many issues which they face daily.  Some have physical and mental challenges, yet they come.  Some have personal and family issues, yet they come.  Some are shy, some are energetic, some are reluctant and some are ready for anything; but they come.  They come the first day not quite sure of what is happening and leave the last day singing songs and doing body motions they have learned.

As I watched the children leave Friday with cowboy hats and VBS shirts  holding five day’s work in their small hands, I understood again the power of commitments.  Committed persons, large and small, young and old, strong and weak make a great difference for themselves and those they serve.  Commitment placed in the right things moves the world toward the places it should be changing lives for the better and leaving legacies to remember and follow.

What are your commitments?  What will they accomplish?  Who will benefit from them?  Commitments can overcome our heartaches, weaknesses and struggles and turn our lives into powerful forces of change and good.  Find something worth a commitment and pour you life into it; even if it’s for just one week at a time.

Gene Mims