“For behold, I bring you good news of great joy which shall be for all the people….”

The angel who delivered the good news to the shepherd the night Jesus was born announced something that went far beyond the starlit fields near Bethlehem. The birth of this Child began a string of joyful worship that will never cease.  The shepherds rejoiced, the Maji rejoiced, Simeon rejoiced, Anna the prophetess rejoiced.  lepers rejoiced, sinful men and women rejoiced, Centurions and disciples rejoiced.  Jesus brings the joy of salvation to thirsty souls and forgiveness to sinful persons.  His presence releases the power of the Father to seek and save those who would trust Him and obey His word.

The birth of Christ was not just for His family, His race or His friends.  His birth was the beginning of good news for all persons everywhere.  In most instances what may be good for all is never available to all.  We live in a world of poverty with enough wealth to eliminate it.  But those with the most have never completely shared with those with the least.  We have enough information, technology, and knowledge to change the lives of every person on the planet but all those things have become the things that build wealth so not everyone has access to them.  Education is a key factor in acquiring knowledge which helps persons to be successful but education is still denied to many persons in the world.

Jesus came into the world to bring the Father’s good news to everyone.  From the smartest to the most ignorant, from the wealthiest to the poorest, for men and women and for Jew and Gentile alike.  This is the Father’s world, we are His creations, and Jesus is His Son who came for everyone.  The pleasure of God is to save us from our sins, restore our humanity, bring us into an eternal relationship with Him, connect us to others in our world and to bless us with truth and wisdom.

As you light the Joy Candle tonight thank the Lord that He came for you, us and everyone else.