If you have ever witnessed or experienced a miracle you know how hard it is to explain to someone else what happened.  Words we know seem inadequate, emotions we remember are indescribable, and the effects on our lives are too wonderful to articulate.  We all know that some situations in life are so far beyond our control or resources that only a miracle can help us.

In Isaiah’s time Judah had become so completely corrupted that nothing short of a miracle would help them.  The prophet predicted that over a span of years God would raise up nations as his discipline to correct the evils of His people.  The destruction would be so great that Judah as a nation would never be the same again.  The hope, however, that Isaiah gave God’s people at that time was that a King would come to “reign righteously” (32:1).  His reign would not only accomplish God’s judgments but also bring restoration.

The restoration would be so great that miracles would take place.  The blind would see, the deaf would hear, the lame would “leap like a deer,” and persons unable to talk would be given their voices. (35:5-6)  What a great time that would be!  Additionally, Isaiah declares, even the earth would be restored in a miraculous way.

The earthly miracles of Jesus did exactly as the prophet predicted!  He is truly the miracle worker in our world and in our lives.  The miracles of salvation are reminders to us that God takes the hopeless and turns the possible into reality.

As we light the candle of hope tonight let’s remember the many times and many things Jesus has done in our lives to change what was impossible into the reality of hope.  Also, trust Him for the miracle you need today.