The judgment of God on His people was so devastating that when God began their restoration they could not believe it.  He announced that their punishment was over and a new day had dawned but they refused to believe it.  Isaiah was sent with a message of comfort and hope declaring that “her warfare has ended” and it was time to make way for the coming of the Lord (Is. 40:2).  What kind of Savior and Lord did the people expect?  They expected God’s ruler to be like the rulers of their age-powerful, dangerous, and mean. But God’s Servant was just the opposite.

Isaiah announced that the chosen Servant would be empowered by the Holy Spirit and would come gently and humbly to lead His people back to righteousness.  The prophet said that the Servant would not raise His voice nor would He crush the people with violence.  Instead, he would come to faithfully bring justice to the earth and would never be defeated nor discouraged in doing His assigned task.

Do you sometimes feel like your life is such that God may be through loving you or unwilling to provide for your needs?  We all have felt the shame of sinful failure or perhaps the setbacks of unfaithfulness to our God.  We may think or fear that the Lord has reached a point where He will no longer deal with us.  But Isaiah reveals that our Savior is humble, gentle, and faithful to forgive our sins and give us His righteousness.  The prophet wrote, “He will not be disheartened or crushed until He has established justice in the earth…(Is. 42:4).  Our God is a God of love and His love brings forth His purposes for our lives.  He cannot quit and He will never give up on us.

The humility of Christ calls for humility within us so that we will never give up-not on the Lord, ourselves, our lives and the reasons He has created us and called us to be His children.  Read Isaiah 42:1-13.  As you do confess the truths the Prophet reveals about our Lord, thank Him for His faithfulness and sing a song of praise for His life and work. Light the candle of Hope and live in the hope Christ alone gives.