Kingdom Principles for Church Growth

The revised and expanded Kingdom Principles for Church Growth is built on the premise that growth is born and nourished through a process ordained by God. Author Gene Mims identifies the biblical principles that prevent an over-emphasis on church growth methods and demonstrates what propelled first-century Christians to turn the world upside down for Christ!

Building on the mandate of the Great Commission, Mims uses the "1-5-4 Principle" to facilitate learning of the kingdom process for church growth. He also introduce "M.A.P."-Model and Process-a visual model and diagnostic tool that can help your church more effectively reach people for Christ, mature them as disciples, and involve them in ministry and service. The practical application of the biblical principles and process for church growth make this a powerful, must-have resource for all church leaders.

Publisher: Nashville, TN: Lifeway Press (2002)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1613280294

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