Recently I received a computer generated telephone call informing me that my debit card was deactivated. I was confused at first but decided to listen to the message to determine what was going on. The computer’s voice asked for my cooperation in order to get my card reactivated. It felt like a scam from the very start and when commanded to provide my debit card number I hung up.

What made the exchange interesting for me was the fact that no names were ever used. The caller revealed no name and my name was never used either. It is troubling to know that my phone number was known, the type debit card I held was known, and my card number was requested.  I guess it is safe to say that the thieves “had my number.”

Can We Live Numberless?
I suppose it is possible to go through life without some kind of number but I doubt it. In fact the reason for so many numbers is that people’s names are simply not enough. You likely have your name on a social security card, bank card(s), employee identification card, driver’s license, and personal checks but names are not enough. You have to have numbers.

In fact, you must have numbers but you don’t necessarily need a name. For example, your computer and router have numbers but your name is not important to Google when it captures your recent visits to various websites. Identification on internet sites often require a number or numbers on your password.

A name links us to our past where significant persons and events lie but numbers are more suited for analysis, trends, and marketing groups. Names can reveal personality traits, hopes of parents, and ancestors. Numbers reveal buying tendencies, spending, and credit scores.

We Can Live Transparently
I don’t think numbers are going away anytime soon so we have to live in a world where names simply do not tell everything about us. Our numbers are needed to fill in the picture.  I hope your character is in tact and that your live a transparent life.  What might be hidden may now be brought to light by the use of numbers.