Yesterday I heard a news anchor on a major network declare that she would go to church on Easter even if “the walls fall in on me.”  She went on to say that Easter is the most attended day at church for believers and non-believers around the world.  Thinking about what she said made me stop and wonder why this is true.

Each year Easter services are our best attended at my church with Christmas Eve coming in a close second.  We don’t do anything extra special for these services yet I see visitors, family members who live away and return for the holidays, and strangers who just show up.  Why?  I think there may be a simple answer to the questions.

Jesus Pure and Simple

Easter is the time when our church presents Jesus in the pure and simple terms of His life, death, burial and resurrection.  Our message and music is simple, direct and historically accurate.  I think people like Jesus best when they see Him presented as He is-pure and simple.  When He is dressed up in the clothes of doctrinal differences, Christian organizations, and personal interpretations (no matter how valid) He and His message often gets lost upon those who are intrigued by the Man.  For the Man Jesus is the message pure and simple.

I look forward to our Easter celebration tomorrow as we worship Jesus Christ our Risen Lord-pure and simple.

Gene Mims