I was speaking to a friend the other day and he asked me a question that I often wonder about, namely, “Is There Anyone Out There?” He asked me that as he described his search for people in churches that are “restarts” or “reclaimed” churches.

We know of the many reasons for successful new starts and relocations but what about churches that have nearly expired and have come alive again? Where are the blogs, stories, associations and conferences for them?

I thought about what he said and wondered if there is anyone out there like me and my friend who are enjoying rebirthing broken and battered churches. Its not pretty or easy but it is exciting and fun.

I am in my thirty-fifth year in ministry and this is the most fun I have ever had. Church change is not impossible nor is revisioning or renewal. I have found, however, that most who speak of the possibility of such reclaiming either have not done it or would not attempt it. They need to speak and write on something else!

Anyway, my friend and I continue to trust the Lord, thank Him for the opportunity to revision a congregation, and most of all do something not many want or know how to do. We were just wondering…

…Is There Anyone Out There?????