I have read a number of comments recently by people who claim to be atheists.  Their claim is certainly not a new one.  In fact for me, it is a worn-out one.  I began thinking about those who claim to be atheists and my mind kept coming back to one question.  Why do atheists always talk about God?

Listen to an atheist or read one and you will notice that they always talk about God, believers, churches, theology, faith, etc.  To me this is remarkable.  So remarkable that I have give some thought to such a paradox.


Stay with me for a moment and I think I can give you a better understanding to my perplexity concerning atheists.  You see I do not believe in unicorns.  You may and that is surely your right, but I don’t.  They are cute in cartoons, movies, and comic books, but I must confess that I don’t believe in them.  So what’s the point.  The point is that since I don’t believe in unicorns I don’t give them much thought.  I don’t write about them or speak about them.  I don’t go to conferences on how to stop people from believing in them.  I do not fund legal societies to stop people from being able to talk about unicorns in schools and public places.  I  don’t worry if people celebrate holidays dedicated to unicorns.  For me they don’t exist.

Give It Up

To all bent-out-of-shape atheists I say simply, GIVE IT UP! Find something else to worry about like global warming, Republicans, education, war, and rain forest destruction.  Let those who believe in God alone.  If He doesn’t exist then why all the worry and concern?  If He does exist then you don’t care anyway.  He won’t bother you.  Try not to be bothered by what you don’t believe in and work on what you do know. The more you talk about God the more likely it is that those who may share your position might begin to doubt it and actually search for Him and find Him.

A Truce

I suggest a truce.  If you will not worry about those of us who do believe in God, then I promise not to begin a campaign against all those who continue to believe in unicorns.