I known I am not always aware of what is what, but….why do greeters and seating captains at empty restaurants have a hard time determining where to seat you when you come in?  We often eat dinner early and most often the restaurants are empty but we stand there watching a sixteen year old person pour over the seating chart like it is a physics test.  How hard is it to seat someone?


As I have pondered this I have come to feel such persons have obviously been schooled by management to put certain persons in certain places with certain servers.  It seems too complicated but I know that behind all the deliberation there are rules.  Someone has software in a computer somewhere that directs management to balance out the seating so that maximum profit is achieved with minimum risk and effort.  In the meantime I stand waiting in amazement that a table cannot easily be had.  All I want to do it eat and enjoy the company of my wife, family and/or friends.


This reminds me to remember in my own life and work to focus on the reason I do what I do.  There are many good things and important things to do, learn, and observe while trying to be effecient and effective but nothing is more important than the reason you do what you do.  Serve food, sleep people, sell gasoline, raise children or build churches; it makes no difference.  Find out what most important to the people you help, focus primarily on that and then get to the other stuff.  For me-I just want to be seated.