We do not know at this time who the next President of the United States will be.  The Election in November will decide that for us as citizens across the nation vote.  As usual, the election is important, time consuming, expensive, and media driven. Most Americans tire of the rhetoric, debates, news coverage and actually decide long before the day to vote comes in November.

I would like to suggest that our next President take a leadership lesson from the Bible.  It might seem out of line to suggest such a thing but the founders of our nation used it and I think no one would be offended if our next leader ascribed to the principles it advances.  In particular I would suggest he read and re-read Psalm 72.  It is a prayer of David for his son Solomon as he prepares to take over leadership of Israel from his father.  David is concerned that Solomon do well and he prays specifically for God to help him do a number of important things.

David prays that God might help Solomon to lead in righteousness, have a peaceable government, provide and protect the unfortunate, have a global impact for good and to lead the nation to material abundance.  In all of this David assumes that the goodness, wisdom and leadership Solomon will display will be a blessing for him, for his people and ultimately for the nations of the world.

I do not think our next President has to be a believer like myself.  I am a devoted Christ follower and seek to make Him known.  I do not think either candidate shares my beliefs or passions for Christ.  I do think, however that our next leader has the responsibility to lean on our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, the Amendments and the whole corpus of writings, judgments and laws which were and are based upon scriptural principles.

A recognition that God is sovereign, the Ten Commandments are fundamental, the Golden Rule is golden, and the heart of our nation is to be a blessing to its citizens and the people of other nations is really not too much to ask.  He (our President) can surely recognize these values, live by them and lead our nation according to their truths.  Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and other religions don’t find fault with the notion of God, the Ten Commandments, or the Golden Rule.

So, in closing, I would encourage the next man to lead our nation to be righteous-not religious.  Be right, do right, and uphold what is right.  Make sure you protect us, assist us, and make our lives better materially and spiritually.  Do your best to be your best and everything will end up fine.