I was visiting with two friends recently and our conversation turned to transitions. At my age (62) there are predictable topics that generally accompany conversations. They include among other things: health, grandchildren, past athletic endeavors(???), and retirement.

What was different in this conversation, however, was the conviction we each had that retirement was not on our agendas for the foreseeable future. I left our meeting with some thoughts that surprised me and give me energy and focus.

I used to think that when I reached this age I would lose focus, energy, and vision for what I do each day. In fact I have found several things that create for me the very opposite of what I supposed might happen.

For one thing I am in a learning curve that is as exciting as anything that I have ever experienced. I am engaged in current culture especially as it influences ministry, faith and life. For me the current culture is as exciting and unpredictable as the 60’s and 70’s were. I was a college student then and I often felt like I was being blown in a whirlwind of change and transition. I wondered then if I would make it. I did and I flourished. My faith found a ground of certainty. My witness, though often challenged, sharpened. My life turned to God’s calling over me and I loved it.

The present feels like those days to me. The uncertainty of everything in our world gives me optimism that as people live uncertain lives their desires for something real will increase. Many will turn to Christ because they will come to understand that He is the only solid thing in this changing world. More and more persons are coming to the reality that what has been promised is no longer promised and what we face in the future has little promise. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever. Knowing Him and embracing that truth is enough to give anyone hope and peace.

Who knows? Maybe what goes around really comes around. I could get excited about another Jesus movement seeing millions of people find Him and living for Him. I enjoyed it the last time around. I know the next round will be just as exciting. Change? Transition? Uncertainty? I embrace it with excitement.