It was recently reported in our local newspaper that an atheist church was opening in town.  I have recently been in some interesting conversations with some individuals who claim to be atheists and this new development adds a new dimension to the discussions.  I have always been amazed that atheists have an obsession about God even though they profess not to believe in Him.  They write about believers, scorn faith in God, ridicule church rituals and attendance but their main focus always deals with the God they claim doesn’t exist.  Trying to talk to them about it is nearly impossible because of their passion to dissuade anyone in believing in God.

This is what make this announcement so interesting.  They are calling out the “uncalled” to worship the “non-existent” in order to serve as stewards of the One “not really there.”  Wow!  Of all the options for a non-believer this one must take the cake. The reporter seemed delighted to reveal this new development but did not press for many details.

The article did say that the group of atheists who are starting these “churches” have a goal for thirty-five worldwide.  Traditionally churches worship, pray, give, make disciples, evangelize and do various ministries all in the name of Christ and/or God.  It will be interesting to see in these churches who or what is worshiped and what is done for what reason in the name of who.

Stay tuned, this could get interesting.